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Been using the YouTube app forever and they keep adding more features. The only issue I’ve had recently is no background playback using Bluetooth since the last update. Finally, realized they removed the feature and you have to have Red for background playback now. YouTube force closes on my tablet a lot but not on my phone. Updates have been really good no other complaints.

What I love about YouTube is that what ever movie you want to watch we can pull it up what ever song you want to listen to you can and what ever episode we want to watch you can literally watch it.

Download YouTube APK Android App Update:

A little better than the previous update in my opinion. Downloading works fine, except that now you have to uncheck “Remember my settings” every time you download a video so it won’t change your download preference, this thing is really annoying.

YouTube APK

I don’t always download every video in 720p, sometimes (like with music) I want 144p to save space, but now I have to deselect it every time. It should just be defaulted to selected and you have to press it if you want it to remember your settings.

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I pay for YouTube Red & for the past 3 months have had serious problems. YT shuts down every time I open another app (shouldn’t happen with YouTube red) and there is no more continuous play. We would like a refund for the past 3 months cause you aren’t providing the service that is advertised.

I have a really good idea for you how about you create a bar up so when someone gets out of the app he still can listen to the video (maybe he just want to listen to the music) and make a mini thumbnail for the video instead of a pic just like the music app in phone for YouTube App, all know that bar under the luminosity or something it’d be really useful to be able to still listen to music or watch the video even when we are out of the app.

YouTube APK Download

User Reviews on YouTube APK Latest Version:

Good but it don’t show more when you go on your channel and press videos and scroll down it loads shows more and then more fades doesn’t give you a chance to press it, I think you should fix this annoying issue, also why when someone comments on one of my videos it says 7 comments when only one in YouTube App.

In this update you have removed the red colour from the upper and lower bar, according to me this is not at all looking good, so please in the next update bring back the red colour

Well, I think it would be super helpful if they added the play speed setting to the mobile app similar to the desktop version – but other than that YouTube APK is great app.

Lately, the screen had been turning black when I’m watching something, I have to change what video I’m watching then go back and that fixes it for a few minutes before I have to do it again. Please fix this issue.

As a content creator, we would like to say they should fix some things definitely keep the advertisements but I should be able to see all the comments’ spam or not from this app so we could delete or keep them if I choose to do so.

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